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Xilinx® Sponsored VMAccel Trial

Get a free demo account to experience AMD/Xilinx FPGA cards in the cloud for workloads requiring large compute, high bandwidth, and/or low latency. 

With accelerator cards in the cloud, you will experience:

Pay only for what you use. Reduce upfront hardware costs and ongoing maintenance expenses.

Quickly and easily scale your applications as needed.

Use the same resources from anywhere in the world without compromising on performance and speed.

Get access immediately to the latest AMD/Xilinx Accelerator cards without investing heavily in on-prem hardware.

In partnership:

Xilinx Versal vck5000

AMD/Xilinx® Accelerator Cards in the VMAccel Cloud

Xilinx FPGA cards in the VMAccel cloud offer significant performance benefits for a wide range of applications. These cards accelerate compute-intensive workloads and provide breakthrough performance for HPC, AI/ML, biotech, 5G, Web3/Metaverse, Cloud Gaming, Video Streaming/Transcoding, Smart Cities, and other such applications. By offloading compute-intensive tasks to dedicated hardware, Xilinx accelerator cards in the VMAccel cloud can enable faster processing, reduced latency, and improved streaming quality.

VMAccel has partnered with AMD/Xilinx to provide free access to accelerator cards on the VMAccel cloud acceleration for research and development purposes. Fill out the form below with your personal information and choice of cards and our representative will get back to you for further details. Xilinx Partners are specially encouraged to apply. 

Alveo V70

Alveo U55C


Alveo U50

Alveo U25


Alveo U250

Alveo U200


Get free demo hours with AMD/Xilinx Accelerator Cards on the VMAccel® cloud

Fill out the form below with your choice of AMD/Xilinx Accelerator cards and get a free demo for them on the VMAccel cloud.

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